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Computer outage causing global delays – British Airways

British Airways was in fix yesterday for the first time in the last few years for the reason which is not their usual style – delay.  This has happened because of a worldwide computer systems failure, the airline said. The outage saw passengers being stranded at the Heathrow Airport with a long queue for check-in and flight delays. The issue created a sensation on the social media as well.
“We’ve tried all of the self-check-in machines. None were working, apart from one,” said Terry Page, booked on a flight to Texas. “There was a huge queue for it and it later transpired that it didn’t actually work, but you didn’t discover that until you got to the front.”
BA apologised in a statement and mentioned the reason for the delay as  “IT systems outage”. It also said that the technical staffs are working to resolve the problem which seemed to be a global one, the airways said in a tweet from their official twitter handle.

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