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Saturday , 24 August 2019
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Congress ridicules Parrikar as he assures beef supply in Goa

Goa Chief Minister Monohar Parrikar said today that his state government is working to ensure adequate supply of beef in Goa. It may be recalled that beef is widely consumed in Goa by foreigners as well as several sections of the local population. Parrikar provided the assurance of adequate beef supply while he was speaking in the Goa Assembly. Parrikar said that 2 tons of beef was slaughtered every day at the state’s legal abattoir, which is located at the Goa Meat Complex, at Ponda, around 40 km from Panaji.

He said that additional supplies are taken care of through Karnataka. He said that if there is more demand, then the same can be met by getting beef from Belgaum (Karnataka) or other places. He said that beef being sourced from other states will be thoroughly tested to ensure that it’s authentic and of high quality. “The government does not have any intention to restrict bringing animals for slaughter at the Goa Meat Complex from the neighboring state.” added the chief minister.

However, Congress leaders ridiculed Parrikar’s statement, saying that it is ironical and hilarious to hear a BJP Chief Minister talk about ensuring beef supply.

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