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COOLHEAD. Anti-Heatstroke Cooling Insert – The flexible, affordable, reusable CoolHead™ molds to your headwear and wards off high temperatures

Affordable Anti-Heatstroke Cooling Inserts for Hats and Helmets Now on IndieGoGo.
Made from high-grade PVA with evaporative properties, CoolHead helps prevent its wearers from overheating.

CoolHead has just launched its Kickstarter campaign for the CoolHead Insert – an absorbent, lightweight, reusable, and flexible pad that a user can soak in cold water, then place under their hat or helmet to keep their heads cool for up to two hours. Its proprietary evaporative PVA material makes it relatively dry to the touch even after being submerged, and persons will see anywhere from an 11 to 20-degree Fahrenheit difference between their head and external temperatures while it’s being used. A single insert costs less than $10 while wholesale price is below $5.

CoolHead was created by cyclist Sergejs Zelinskis in response to growing concerns about the number of heat-related deaths that take place in the United States each year, most of which are preventable. While it was originally meant as a solution for athletes, Sergejs realized that anyone could benefit from its use, as it molds to the shape of both the user’s head and headwear.

“I’ve had many training days and events where outside temperatures reached dangerous highs, putting myself and my fellow riders at risk,” Sergejs commented. “After years of being driven inside so as not to risk my health, I wanted to create something affordable and accessible that would solve this problem once and for all.”

While CoolHead’s effects can last up to two hours, users may extend this period by lifting their headwear for a few seconds and exposing it to flowing air for quick temperature release.

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