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Copacabana Love


What attracted you?
Coconut water.
How did you meet?
When we are crossing the street in Copacabana Beach
the two busiest streets in Rio
we were walking next to each other.
I waited for the local to make a move.
If she goes, I can go.
So we crossed.
I saw him, thought One more gringo in Copacabana.
We crossed the street and he asked me
if I wanted to drink coconut water.
I didn’t accept the offer at first.
She said she just had a lunch.
But water’s water.
He’s cute but still a gringo.
He’s insistent. Why? It’s water.
Then what? He’s pushy?
He spoke Portugese,
all the words in Portugese.
Why don’t you want to go with me
for water? I stopped and said
You are very intelligent.
You know how to have a conversation
in Portugese.
I am here for four months.
Ooohhhhhh. You’re intense.
Immersion. Immersion.
A few minutes had passed.
Let’s get some water and talk on the beach.
Why did you agree?
Because I was alone at the beach.
No boyfriends?
He speaks Portugese, he’s intelligent.
We buy a coconut water.
Let’s sit in the sun to speak.
On a beach towel.
Topics, family, life.
It was a hot winter day.
It was getting hot.
Time to go inside the ocean.
Topless beach? Noooo
but the bikinis are like this.
The waves were so strong that day, Big.
We go in the ocean, play in the waves.
She loses her suit?
I make a move to kiss her.
The first time I didn’t accept.
It was too fast.
The persistence.
We kissed in the ocean.
Not the first time you tried to kiss me.
The first kiss was in the ocean.
She finally relented.
We kissed a lot on the towel.
People in Rio kiss a lot in public.
And oh by the way, what’s (kiss, kiss)
your (kiss, kiss) name? (kiss, kiss)
It’s been two hours.
Out loud to myself, I say “I find this girl attractive.”
Out loud?
In English.
She laughed.
Okay, now she speaks English.
The sun was going down in Copacabana,
not over the beach but these buildings.
We had a beer at this fort.
The full moon came up over the Atlantic.
The way the rocks silhouetted was beautiful.
In the ocean I lost my earring.
An offering to Nature in return for Love.


Author : Patty Mooney

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