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Cops close flooded roads to picnic spots in Lonavla

Tourists to the popular hill station of Lonavla-Khandala were disappointed on Saturday after police blocked the Lonavla-Amby Valley road leading to the Bhushi Dam and Tiger/Lion Point areas after water from lakes and waterfalls flooded it following heavy rainfall.

Police sent the motorists back from Lonavla city.

“No one was allowed to go to the picnic spots at Tiger/Lion Point or the Bhushi dam area,” the police said.

“Water started flowing onto the road leading to the Bhushi dam late in the night” , police added.

The hill station received a rainfall of 200mm between 8.30am on Friday and 8.30am on Saturday, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

On Saturday, Lonavla registered a rainfall of 135mm after 8.30am.

The Lonavla dam’s water was also flowing onto the road leading to Amby Valley.

The irrigation department has sounded an alert in villages along the riverbank.

A public address system is in place to make announcements.

The police are patrolling the picnic spots and the roads where revellers stop to enjoy rain.

Since the beginning of this month, unrelenting throng of travellers to the hill station coupled with incessant rain made for frequent snarls, sometimes stretching back kilometres.

This prompted the police to clamped restrictions on traffic in and around Lonavla during weekends.

This improved the situation somewhat in the hill station.

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