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Corbyn asks May to quit after election losses

Britain’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has demanded Prime Minister Theresa May to quit after election losses. The snap election which was conducted on June 8th after being called for it by Teresa May when she still has over 3 years to complete her existing tenure has come as a shocker for the Conservative Party.

Teresa May who is regarded as one of the powerful women leaders in the World had been tough on the country’s stand in the Brexit where she said that the country would not be paying up fines or compensation for leaving the European Union. However,  the country has been under greater stress pegged by rise in the unemployement levels and terrorism.

The exit polls had already predicted a hung parliament in the U.K. which was rubbished prior to the elections by the ruling Conservative party. However the present scenario seems to be a dull prospect for them.

‘Whatever the final result, our positive campaign has changed politics for the better,’ Corbyn said in a tweet.

The Labour Party has made unexpected gains in the polls. At the present moment, the results are not favouring either of the parties with Conservative Party having won 232 seats and Labour party with 223 seats against the total of 650 seats with counting expected to be finished anytime soon. SNP is third with 32

For any party to claim a stake in forming the Government, it must have won just over 50% of the total seats which is 326.

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