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Cost of PM Modi’s foreign trips; take a look

Details about the expenses related to chartered flights used during PM Modi’s official foreign trips have been made public by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Till 2016, PM Modi had travelled to 44 countries, which were mostly bilateral trips. His official foreign trips seek to boost trade ties and bilateral relations. The countries PM Modi has visited include United States, Japan, Nepal, Singapore, France, China, Uzbekistan, Russia and Afghanistan.

The maximum expense for chartered flights was during PM Modi’s visit to France, Germany and Canada, which cost Rs 31 crore. The trip was spread over 9 days, from April 9 -17, 2015. PM Modi’s trips are planned in such a way that costs can be minimized by covering neighboring countries during the same visit. For example, when PM Modi was targeting central Asia, he visited a cluster of countries located in that region such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Here are the details of expenses related to chartered flights used during some of PM Modi’s foreign trips:

  • Bhutan – June 2014 – Rs 2.45 crore
  • Brazil – July 2014 – Rs 20.35 crore
  • Myanmar, Australia and Fiji – November 2014 – Rs 22.58 crore
  • China, Mongolia and South Korea – April 2015 – Rs 15.15 crore
  • Ireland and USA – September 2015 – Rs 18.46 crore
  • Belgium, USA and Saudi Arabia – April 2016 – Rs 15.85 crore
  • Vietnam and China – September 2016 – Rs 9.53 crore

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