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Council on American-Islamic Relations reports anti-Muslim bias events augmented in USA

Today a report by Council on American-Islamic Relations is released. The report established 57 percent increase in the number of Anti-Muslim bias events in last year compare to previous year.

In 2016, when the number of events was 2213, in 2015 it was 1409.

The report suggests that rise in anti-Muslim incidents previous to Donald Trump’s spectacular rise in last year’s presidential primaries and November vote conquest. It was told that spurt in prejudice events was outstanding in part to Trump’s emphasis on confrontational Islamist groups and anti-immigrant bombast.

Recently Rhode Island’s oldest mosque was endangered and others mosques in Florida and Texas were set afire in cases lined burning.

The report states the rise crossed in different bias incidents which include assaults and road pestering, to employment judgment. The data shows

In one incident, which acknowledges the Anti- Muslim incidents are rising in the USA, here in Washington a Muslim woman has alleged that she was stressed in a store by a straw-colored lady. The lady shouted at her and said she wishes they didn’t let you come in the country.
The event happened after the Muslim woman permitted her parallel shopper to cut ahead of her. Both were in a queue for the money register at the store in Virginia.

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