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Thursday , 24 January 2019
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Country singer Jade Mya is not a transgender

Canadian country singer, Jade Mya has addressed talks about being transgender by leaking her birth certificate. With proof she was born as a hermaphrodite, Jade Mya has indeed been assigned as female at a young agebefore she even pursued a career in entertainment on a female persona.With a culture that sticks to the status quo, hermaphrodites have faced social stigma, with a misleading perception that it’s“clinically problematic”. While there has been much support for transgenders, natural-born hermaphrodites are still unpopular on the spotlight. Or if they are, most people would rather believe the stories they’ve heard about their favourite celebrities are purely urban legends. Even celebs have dismissed hermaphrodite issues surrounding them.

Jade Mya seems to lead a new revolution. With the rise of gender benders amongst breakthrough artists and celebrities, the 26-year old Canadian country singer just recentlybegan speaking bravely about hermaphroditism. Thesinger who began as a fitness model with over 141,000 followers onInstagram is still getting used to discussing  the issue and the struggles that had come along with hermaphroditism in public. Jade Mya is a brave rising talent that uses her music as an outlet to share her story. Being a prominent social media personality and banking on her stunning voice, sass and charm, Jade Mya gained success by covering famous songs in the contemporary country genre. In 2015, she has successfully released the album “Nashville Covers” consisting of eight edgy covers of popular songs. Her covers of “This Love Ain’t Big Enough” and “Lies of the Lonely” were such hits. Jade Mya proves that she is definitely not your typical traditional country girl with high-energy level live performances. Last year, she releasedher original album, “Heartbreak Country”. With heartfelt lyrics that her younger fans can relate to, she has earned thousands of fans online by staying true to herself, writing songs about her relationships and getting inspiration from her plight as a hermaphrodite. 

She has also appeared in a show on Playboy TV, and with this, she has continued to spark controversy and raised eyebrows amongst viewers.  Despite the spiteful rumours and vicious comments, Jade Mya remains to be resilient– a trait that would be valuable as she becomes a personality who inspires others. With the struggles and the criticisms she has overcome over the years, Jade Mya has decided that her past will not limit her future in the music scene.

Her latest single “Dirt Covered Rhinestone” captures all that in a song and it was released last June. Jade Mya has embraced being unique in the industry, saying“I feel like if somebody is going to make a change it’s gonna be somebody who’s not going to give up. Country music tells an honest story — and I’m sticking to it.”

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