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Couple were beaten and assaulted in village of Rajasthan

A video went viral from Rajasthan; in the video, a boy and a girl were cruelly beaten.This happened in a village of Rajasthan. The girl was 20-year-old and she was sexually mugged and assaulted with a twig.

Police have arrested some 18 people who include fathers of the boy and girl.

There was no complaint registered by anyone about this incident. Randomly a police officer got viral video and then police took action. People asked girl and boy to sign acceptance that they would not register any case against them.

All are charged with the case of rape and murder.  The couple had eloped to neighboring Gujarat as they are cousins, therefore, their relationship was scowled by the tribal community they go to.

Villagers were successful in tracing the couple and assaulted and openly chastened them.

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