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Friday , 21 June 2019
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Cow-oriented startups to get a major boost in Gujarat

After making cow slaughter punishable with life sentence, the Gujarat government is seeking to make better use of cows. The BJP government in Gujarat has said that it will encourage cow-oriented startups in the state, which will contribute significantly to the growth of cow-based industry in Gujarat. Cow-oriented startups could be involved in a wide variety of activities, everything from rearing of cows to sale of various cow products such as milk, ghee, buttermilk, cow-based medicine, cow urine, beauty products, etc.

The cow-oriented startups will focus on a unique branding strategy that will highlight the benefits of cow products. Currently, many people do not know the immense benefits of cow products and there’s a pressing need to inform them. Already, discussions are being conducted by the Gau Seva Aayog with various companies for launching cow-oriented startups. Towards this end, the Gujarat government will soon launch a venture fund to promote cow-oriented startups. It is expected that cow-oriented startups will create thousands of jobs in both rural and semi-urban areas and would especially be beneficial for women.

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