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Crops damaged, vegetable prices skyrocket in Kolkata

Due to heavy rains, crops getting damaged in the process, the prices of vegetables have gone up in Kolkata.

“At this time of the year, most vegetables come from Burdwan, which has been badly affected by flood. The present crops have been damaged, and prices will continue to rise till cultivation of new crops, which happens during Durga Puja. As a result, prices of vegetables will be high till Durga Puja,” said a member of Hatibagan Bazar Byabsayi Samiti advisory committee, Abhijit Saha.

Saha also said procuring vegetables from wholesale markets has not been easy in recent days.

“We are not getting enough vegetables from wholesale markets. Farmers who have already stored the vegetables are unable to send them due to the flood,” he added.

The price of tomatoes gone up to Rs.90 to Rs.100 per kg. Earlier it was Rs.70. The price of Brinjal gone up to Rs.40 to Rs.50 per kg. Earlier it was Rs. 20 to Rs.30. The price of cucumber has become Rs.60 per kg and it was Rs.30 per kg earlier.

“During monsoon season, the prices of vegetables get higher, and there was no exception this year. However, the recent flood in several districts has forced prices to go up further. With the situation persisting, the prices of vegetables will not come down soon,” said Rabindranath Koley, general secretary of Forum of Traders Organisation of Paschimbanga.

The general secretary of Maniktala Market, Prabhat Das, agreed with the prediction.

“In this kind of situation, the prices of vegetables go up automatically,” he said.

The price of pointed gourd, which had earlier been Rs 20 to Rs 25 per kg, is now Rs 40. The price of papaya has also gone up to Rs 30 per kg, while earlier it was Rs 20 per kg.



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