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Cuba rubbishes US claim of attacks on diplomats

Washington, Nov 3 (IANS) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has said the US claims that its diplomatic personnel in Havana have developed illnesses as a result of sonic attacks are a falsehood intended to hurt ties between both sides.

“I can confirm categorically that whoever affirms that there have been attacks, deliberate acts or specific incidents as a cause of these health problems, is lying deliberately,” Efe news quoted Rodriguez as telling reporters at the Cuban Embassy in Washington on Thursday.

“These health effects are being used as a political pretext, with political objectives, to eliminate the progress achieved and damage the bilateral relationship.”

As per the US State Department, 24 American diplomats have suffered effects from the ostensible sonic attacks, experiencing symptoms that include hearing loss, problems with balance and trouble sleeping.

Asked if he was accusing the Donald Trump administration of fabricating the claims about the attacks in Havana, Rodriguez said that his government was certain that “no attack has occurred.”

“If the US government asserts the opposite, I invite them to present evidence.”

Rodriguez said it was striking that the US government “continues talking about ‘attacks’ and ‘acoustic attacks’ and to take punitive measures against Cuba, when it has been demonstrated scientifically that this is not possible”.

The State Department has refrained from pointing the finger at the Cuban Government, saying it did not know who was responsible for the attacks.

Washington has, however, accused Havana of failing to protect US diplomatic personnel, while Trump has not hesitated to blame the Cuban government.

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