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Curbing illegal slaughtering a priority in UP; famous Lucknow kebabs in short supply

Efforts to close down all illegal slaughterhouses in the state have become a top priority for UP government. Towards this end, UP chief Secretary Rahul Bhatnagar has directed District Magistrates and Senior Superintendents of Police to take strict action against those involved in illegal slaughtering and transportation of cattle. The State government has also come up with a comprehensive strategy to combat illegal slaughtering, wherein names of cattle smugglers will be mentioned in village crime notebooks, their activities will be monitored and state borders will have increased surveillance.

Meanwhile, the crackdown on illegal slaughtering has dried up the meat supply, resulting in loss of business for Lucknow’s iconic Tunday Kababi. Established in 1897, the eatery had commanded hundreds of patrons every day, for its melt-in-the-mouth Galawati Kababs. The kebabs were prepared using buffalo meat and around 150 spices. However, now that the meat supply has dwindled, the owners are being forced into replacing buffalo meat with chicken and mutton, which are costlier and do not give the same taste. The eatery has witnessed an 80% reduction in footfall. Other eateries in the state capital are also witnessing a similar fate.

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