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Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Curved iPhone Keyboard Released that includes Giphy Integration, Stored Phrases, and Personal Keyboard Design

NoKey, Co. has released a new system keyboard for iOS devices that is literally reshaping how people type.  The keyboard provides both a standard and curved layout that a user is able to adjust for a more personalized and comfortable typing experience.  NoKey also has integrated Giphy into the keyboard, providing consumers access to the top source of the best and newest GIFS and animated stickers.

The NoKey keyboard allows users to replace their current iPhone system keyboard with the NoKey keyboard. This allows the NoKey keyboard to be used with any application. Users will have access to an abundance of features and settings, including:

  • Adjustable Keyboard Button Height and Size
  • Adjustable Keyboard Height and Size
  • Standard or Curved Layout (Right and Left Handed)
  • Unlimited NoKey Shortcuts for quick phrase typing.
  • Password Integration when Storing a Login ID
  • Customization of Fonts, Button Colors, and Backgrounds
  • Use of Personal Images as a Background
  • Word Helper with Identification, Correction, and Typing

Several button designs and layouts are provided in the NoKey ApP to help a user get started.  The curved and square keyboard have separate layouts, allowing alternate designs and settings.  NoKey has even provided the majority of color combinations used by professional and college sports teams for the true fanatic.

NoKey short cuts allow for common long phrases to be typed at the touch of a button.  An unlimited number may be stored – including emoji patterns.  NoKey allows a user to store a password in case the keystroke represents a login ID.  This password is stored in memory after the login ID is automatically typed, allowing users to paste the password into the appropriate field.  All of this information is stored privately on the users device.

The NoKey keyboard not only helps a user generate a personal typing experience, it helps minimize the effort required to type.  By allowing the user to adjust the size, shape, layout, and position of the buttons, a person may position the keyboard that best fits their hand.  NoKey is hopeful this will aid people with joint issues and find their current typing experience awkward and difficult.

The evolution of mobile phones and electronic devices is one of the fastest technological advances humans have experienced.  NoKey has taken the dusty, square keyboard and replaced it with one more suitable to the technology a phone is capable of providing.  The NoKey keyboard is dynamic, vibrant, and most important of all – adaptable to the preferred human experience.

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