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Saturday , 20 July 2019
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Cut Cholesterol, not your Diet’ with Gemini Rice Bran Oil

In times like these, where one is constantly on the move, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, often proves to be very difficult. Food is the deciding factor in keeping good health and a benefit of a healthy diet is undeniable. The medium in which food is cooked goes a long way in deciding the health quotient of the food and to address these health concerns of Indian consumers, Gemini from the house of Cargill’s food business in India has launched Gemini Rice Bran Oil

What sets Gemini Rice Bran Oil apart is that, it consists of 40% more oryzanol as compared to any regular edible oil, which reduces bad cholesterol in the body, working effectively as a cholesterol cutter. Aimed at increasing good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol in the body, the oryzanol prevents arteries from being choked. As a result, food cooked in rice bran oil would work as an effective weapon in the fight against cholesterol, giving consumers the freedom to eat the food of their choice, without worrying about negative side effects Enriched with anti-oxidants, Gemini Rice Bran Oil is fortified with Vitamin A, D, & E and is perfectly suitable for deep frying.

Studies on Rice Bran Oil prove the clinical benefits of oryzanol for reducing bad cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. Touted as wonder oil, consumption of rice bran oil helps in sound sleep, promotes heart health and is good for hormonal balance and weight management. It has anti-cancer properties and has been used in traditional Japanese cooking, for centuries.

Gemini Rice Bran Oil is available in 1 ltr. Bottle (₹ 155), 1 ltr. Pouch (₹ 155) and 5 ltr. Tin pack (₹750) sizes, across both modern trade and general trade outlets, all over Maharashtra & Karnataka along with various e-commerce platforms.

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