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Sunday , 20 January 2019
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Cycle Pure Agarbathies releases a hard hitting film on Kaveri ordeal

Cycle Pure Agarbathies, from NR Group, the agarbathi to aerospace conglomerate, launched a film in association with Reforest India on the day Supreme Court passed the Kaveri verdict.  Cycle Pure through this film hopes to change the age-old conflict into a story of peace and hope by saving the river goddess, Kaveri and by protecting and planting forests. The film provides local solution to the global problem of water crisis.

Commenting on this Arjun Ranga, Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathies said, “The film portrays the river in her true form, a divine being who descended on earth to save her children from a demon who brought drought. We wanted to rekindle people’s reverence towards the mother goddess, Kaveri”.

The task of the film is profound in its simplicity. “Bring back the forests. Bring back the rains. Let Kaveri flow” is a timely reminder to re-establish the lost connection between forests and water. The film is available in three languages – Kannada, Kodava and Tamizh.

“We think water come from dams, canals and tanks. Water comes from forests. Only Forests make rain and store freshwater that feeds streams and rivers. We need to seed the soil, not seed the clouds. This will ensure that our future generations will continue to drink water from Kaveri, and for that matter, every other river”, says Vinod Eshwer, the writer who conceptualised the film, and trustee of Reforest India.

“Each one of us can be a part of the solution. We all can plant a tree. And help reforest India. One tree at a time.” says Janet Yegneswaran, President, Reforest India.

“The black and white treatment was chosen because it brings alive a part mythological, part real story, in a divine yet dystopian manner” says Ayappa, the director of the film.

Watch the awe inspiring film in any of the three languages spoken by the people in the regions, as the river flows.

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