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Czech President asks citizens to buy guns and kill Muslims

milos-zeman-695871The Czech President Milos Zeman has urged citizens to arm themselves for a super “Holocaust” carried out by Muslim terrorists. He asked citizens to buy guns to protect themselves from Muslims who could be terrorists.

In this country of 10 million, there are over 4,000 Muslims, the sale of firearms has gone through the roof as people are afraid of an influx of Muslim radicals who could launch terrorist attacks. The country’s Interior Ministry is trying to pass a constituional amendment that would allow the citizens to use guns against Muslim terrorists in case the Police is late or unable to reach the scene in time to protect the people. Residents who are 21 or above, with no criminal record and who have passed a gun knowledge test can get a gun in the Czech Republic.

The current law allows Czech citizens to use a gun to protect their property or if they are in danger. The citizen will later have to prove that he / she really faced a threat. This policy makes the country an outlier in terms of gun control as most of the EU countires believe in stringent gun control laws while and are seeking to toughen them post the attacks in Paris.

With increasing terrorist attacks and the rise of right wing politicians, the gun lobbies in the EU are growing stonger and are demanding laws that make it easier for citizens to own guns.

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