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Saturday , 24 August 2019
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DAMARUGAM- Souls of rhythm


     Music is the medicine which heels the stress and pressure so that a human being can live peaceful and happy . DAMARUGAM means in Hindu mythology the Lord Shiva will be holding a small hand drum like thing which is made of skin of animal and also makes a lot of sound in rhythm. So keeping the same in mind a musical team have been formed in India and named as DAMARUGAM (souls of rhythm) .

DAMARUGAM is a legally registered musical band in Bangalore India , which performs by playing the south African instrument named DJEMBE inculcated to the Indian rhythms like bhangra beats , Western beats, south Indian tappanguchi beats, dhol beats, samba beats etc . It includes many other foreign instruments like dijirdoo, cazu , darbuka , shimmer, and more. Some of the Indian classical instruments like Tabala, Flute, Damaru, Tamate, bass drums etc are also played in the group . There are even some hand made instruments made by the team mates like Rain dance, birds chirping, Bulls Bell, wine bottles, bamboo Wastes and many more waste has been shaped and turned to musical instruments . DAMARUGAM started in the year 2016 by the 2 people namely Pavan Vajra and Murgesh Dhanakoti, these 2 musicians had an aim of building a musical team and perform all over the world and yes it happened , they made a team and started to give performance in the local place of the Bangalore and Karnataka India. The team grew and made a magical boom in the musical minds, after that they stepped in for the national level and travelled many parts of the India like Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa etc . It is currently performing in many colleges of India where the students are thrilled by there performance .

This team consist of 10 members including girls as symbol of women empowerment and was started as hobby and many of the team members are students studying there graduation and post graduation, and some of the people are working in MNC companys and some make there music as profession . The team is having a chance to step in the international level and spread there talent and musical bit to the whole lot of world places .  DAMARUGAM also conducts workshop on how to play the djembe and other instruments . Team also conducts the classes for various interested students who makes music as passion in there life and have a aim of achieving something in the music ,

DAMARUGAM band has kept an objective of bringing back the new style of music through the old extinct musical instruments and also struggling for the revival of the musical culture in the college students as now a days the artistic culture is drowning day by day in the minds of many people so to get that back they are striving hard . It also gives some social message by performing the musical ways.

Team members

Pavan Vajra  –   team leader

Murugesh Dhanakoti , Prajwal , Madhukar, Kavya, Aparna, Gopal Krishna , Sandeep, Vishnu, swaroop, Muni Krishna ,


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