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Dark Web Vs Deep Web: What’s the difference?

Our generation is almost completely dependent on the internet, be it be shopping online, chatting, booking tickets or watching your favourite shows. We use it every day. But what we do not know is we are only using a part of the internet which is referred to as “Surface Web” or “Visible Web.” On the other hand, there is a much larger part lurking behind known as “Deep web” which makes up about 99.97%  of the internet. And if we go a little deeper we’ll find the “Dark Web.” So here we are to state out the difference between Dark web and the Deep Web.

The Deep Web:

Anything that a search engine can’t find is a Deep Web. It describes everything from your online banking portal to your healthcare records to your workplace’s intranet. The content that is available to you, when you log in to your social media account, is the deep web. You don’t need any special browser to access it. Having millions of pages of password-protected internet that we access to every day, it’s far from being crooked. It is larger by 400 to 500 times from the Surface web.

The Dark Web:

Existing on an encrypted network, the dark web is a much smaller chunk of the internet, unlike deep web. In order to get access to the dark web, you would require a special browser that encrypts your identity and allows anonymous browsing. It is designed to be hidden from not only from search engines but from casual internet users as well. Hiding one’s location and identity, the dark web has become a hotbed of illegal activity. One can buy anything from illegal drugs to bank account details, to security information of children.

Darknet Markets:

Due to the concept of hidden users, criminals take advantage of the dark web. Famous criminal marketplaces like Silk Road and Alphabay let users sell drugs, stolen credit cards and hacking tools. FBI and DEA hunted down the founder, but the Alphabay suddenly disappeared in 2007. In 2018 dozens of dark web drug dealers were busted by authorities.

Bottom Line:

The key point to keep in mind is, Dark web is the small illegal portion of the deep web which cannot be accessed easily. People often confuse Deep web with the Dark Web but its very important to keep your concepts clear which is why we have put together every important point you would need to distinguish between the two. 

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