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Friday , 22 March 2019
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Debunking myths about self healing

In information technology, selfhealing describes any device or system that has the ability to perceive that it is not operating correctly and to make the necessary changes. The same happens in our bodies too, and it is a basic part of existence. You hold all the power, wisdom and knowledge you need to heal your body, mind and soul no matter what you are going through or experiencing.


Debunking the myths:

1. If you can’t heal yourself, you’ve done something wrong – There’s no place for blame, shame, or guilt when it comes to the healing process. Such thoughts only trigger more stress responses.

2. Healing yourself is all quantum physics – These days it seems like everyone and her mother is referencing quantum physics as the explanation for things some may find hard to believe or understand. In reality, there is no relevance

3. All illness results from past life karma – Though one should be careful about one’s deeds, but blaming karma for everything is not rational

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