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Delhi Court orders to de-seal suite where Sunanda Pushkar was murdered

In the ongoing Sunanda Pushkar murder case, a Delhi court today ordered the Delhi police to de-seal the suite where Sunanda Pushkar was killed. Sunanda Pushkar was the wife of Congress leader and former Union minister Shahsi Tharoor, and her murder has been a mystery since the beginning and still there’s no conclusive report about how she was murdered or what people were involved. The forensic report had only indicated death by poisoning, but the people behind the murder and their motive has still not been found. The place where Sunanda Pushkar was murdered is suite number 345 of hotel Leela palace in Delhi. The Delhi court has ordered the police to de-seal the suite within 4 weeks.

The court passed its order after hearing a plea filed by the hotel, saying that the sealed suite is causing major losses to the hotel since its one night tariff was at least Rs 61,000. The hotel said that the suite has been locked since January 2014. The hotel said that cumulative losses have crossed more than Rs 50 lakh due to the sealed suite. The hotel also said that the closed suite has become a breeding ground for various insects and termites that were affecting other suites in the hotel. The Delhi police had earlier said that hey cannot de-seal the room since the case was still under investigation.

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