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Delhi: Illegal parking may cost you Rs 5,500

Rishi, an east Delhi resident, drove to Jagatpuri Market on Friday morning.

He then parked his car without realising that it was a no-parking zone.

By the time he returned from the market, his vehicle had been towed away. Later he came to know the staff of the east corporation taken away his car.

Once he reached civic body office  he was shocked. He was made to pay hefty fine of Rs.5500 for flouting parking norms.

“The amount is too much. The officials I spoke to told me that they were acting according to rules. I have never heard of any such fine that the corporation is supposed to impose. I thought it is the job of traffic police to fine or tow away vehicles for wrong parking,” Rishi added.

Rishi is among 200 people has challenged for illegal parking.

“We have initiated this drive to clear encroachments. The fine is hefty because we impose the fine according to the weight of the vehicle. The weight of any vehicle is mentioned in its RC. There are three components in a challan—composition fees, lifting fees and storage fees,” explained a senior official from the east corporation.

“For instance, if a car weighs about 500 kg, then the storage fee will be Rs 500 multiplied by the number of days it is stored in our custody. The composition and lifting fees are fixed at Rs 3,750 and Rs 750, respectively. If a car is brought in a damaged condition, then the composition fee is Rs 1,500,” the official added.

Interestingly, few people are aware about these drives.

B S Vohra, president of East Delhi Joint Front, said, “There is hardly any parking space. People who buy cars have to pay all kinds of taxes. If the corporation is supposed to impose any such fine, they should first arrange space for parking vehicles.”

While illegal parking is rampant across the city, traffic cops and civic bodies seem to be selective while taking action.

“Not every vehicle is towed away. If they start issuing challan to everyone, then the problem of illegal parking will be resolved,” added Vohra.

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