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Delhi Police likely to make CCTVs mandatory outside buildings, commercial spaces

As a measure to control crime, Delhi Police are likely to make it mandatory  for all the residents and shopkeepers to install good-quality cameras outside their residential buildings and commercial spaces.

Top cops believes that CCTV camera helps investigating officers to gather some clues about culprits.

But there are handful of cameras installed in the city and the cops fail to solve the cases of robbery, murder, dacoity and other street crimes.

“Initially, if the cameras are installed at every place, crime would be curbed automatically as a criminal would also have a fear of being caught in the lens,” the source said. 

Delhi Police were likely to integrate over 1.8 lakh CCTV cameras that are already installed by the associations of residents’ welfare and markets along with the local police stations.

Delhi Police are planning to issue a public advisory seeking individual’s help by fixing camera.

And it was decided to fix normal cameras everywhere as high end camera would be too costly for residents and shop keepers.

However, it is yet to be decided that whether Delhi Police would install high-end cameras at the entry and exit point of the colonies and markets.

“It would be a very good initiative if individuals’ help is taken by the cops. We being the RWA members, have asked the residents to install cameras, but they are least bothered. But in case Delhi Police issue an advisory and make it mandatory then the people might obey the instructions,” said Rajeev Kakria, RWA member in GK-1.




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