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Delhi to Mumbai in just 80 minutes; Hyperloop can be a reality by 2021

It’s certainly faster than the train, even faster than the bullet train, and even the plane. It’s the Hyperloop, the revolutionary new technology that allows transportation at more than 1,300 kmph. And it could be a reality in India by 2021, if everything goes ahead as planned. Imagine travelling from New Delhi to Mumbai via Jaipur and Indore in just 80 minutes; or Bengaluru to Chennai in just 21 minutes. No bullet train or plane can match Hyperloop’s speed and there’s no hassle of waiting at a platform or an airport. It is like the broadband of transportation and the future of transportation as well. The system can also be used to haul cargo at astonishing speeds.

The Hyperloop system consists of specialized tubes that are installed over the ground on supporting pillars or they can also be installed underground. It’s like a long pipeline, with the only difference that it will have customized transport vehicles that will be propelled using levitation technology. The pressure inside the tube will be kept low to ensure a smooth glide without any friction.

Hyperloop is not only fast, but it is also being considered a green technology as it consumes far less energy as compared to other modes of transport. It works on frictionless technology, which significantly reduces energy consumption. Travelling in Hyperloop is also expected to cost much less than plane travel.

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