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Delhi University Admission 2017: 10 DU Off Campus Colleges

Admission process is in full swing at DU , students are their heads as to which college to choose.

Most of the students want a seat in one of the main campus colleges , students should not ignore off campus colleges.

Off campus colleges are not situated around the administrative blocks of DU.

There are two such campuses ie, north and south.

North campus has roughly 10 colleges and the south has 9 colleges, leaving more than 50 off campus colleges scattered around Delhi.

Off campus colleges can be the best option for many students who live far away from main campus.

Off campus are equivalent to main campus in both faculty and infrastructure . 

Off campus colleges also have cultural festivals, societies and clubs, seminars etc.

Students while selecting a college should carefully look in to all aspects.

An off campus colleges can offer you the same opportunities that main campus would.

Also cut off for off campus is lower than main campus so students who could not make admission in main campus should definitely consider this option.

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