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Delhi woman to start floating restaurant near Gateway of India

A 37, year old woman from Delhi has won the much touted bid to start the first ever floating restaurant next to Gateway of India.

A childhood dream became true for Shripriya Dalmia Thirani when the Mumbai port trust took the decision on Thursday evening.

She spent most of her childhood holidays at her grandmothers house near Prabha Devi in Mumbai.

She often dreamt of sitting on luxury ship and watching Mumbai’s imposing and spectacular skyline,over a fine meal.

Mumbai has 500 restaurants and does not have any single restaurant on the sea.

So when Thirani heard of Mbpt’s plans she jumped in.

Thirani said “I couldn’t believe my ears when I was first informed by MbPT. This has been my dream for over two decades. The sea is the DNA of Mumbai and everyone watches the sea from land. What I have always wanted was to be able to see Mumbai’s spectacular skyline from the sea which wasn’t ever possible. All of Manhattan’s iconic photos are from the sea. Why shouldn’t it be the same for Mumbai which is for me more spectacular and iconic that any of the world’s cities by the water. Now, when I roll out my ship next year, people will be able to enjoy the magnificent views while having the best meal money can buy”.

The top destination visited in Mumbai is the Gateway of India.

“Tourists from across the world will now be able to cruise along the Gateway of India and enjoy 360 degree views of Mumbai from the water while enjoying the best meal money can buy. I intend to bring the world’s most renowned chefs to run the restaurants which will serve local, fusion and international cuisine,” Thirani told

“Yes, this is the first time I am entering the restaurant business. An attractive multi-deck ship will host our themed restaurants. With different heights in the vessel, all the decks and tables will boast a 360 degree view of the breath-taking Mumbai skyline and the Arabian Sea – spectacular in the day and just as magnificent in the night” she added.

Thirani says she is “thrilled that the MbPT has decided to open up the sea”.

“I want to make one thing clear – this isn’t just for the rich and famous but also for Mumbai’s middle class families. The sea is theirs and so will be my ship,” she said.

The tender document of the MbPT says ” The license shall be granted for a period of 15 years. The minimum capacity of the vessel will be 125 seats. The floating restaurant may operate for 24 hours, subject to relevant permission from all statutory authorities. The ship proposed to be operated as floating restaurant should be equipped with state of the art equipment for navigation, safety and pollution prevention. The Floating Restaurant (ship) may be operational throughout the year”.

“The successful bidder will have to obtain a no objection certificate from the Indian Navy, Coast Guard and Mumbai Police for the purpose of operation of the restaurant ship” Mbpt said.

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