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Design Experts like Rajesh Kutty, Sunil Sethi, Angela Guzman, Rajeev Sethi, Peter Bil’ak and many more to attend the India Design Confluence

India, 2018: The India Design Confluence (IDC), is a three day design festival that aspires to promote a shared understanding of the practices in design, exchange of knowledge and future trends within the booming design industry. Held at the United World Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, The India Design Confluence 2018 will go on from 23rd November, 2018 – 25th November, 2018.

Presiding the event as chief guest will be Smriti Irani (Honorable Minister of Textiles, Government of India), followed by lectures and master sessions from creative powerhouses in the design industry, hands-on workshops that focus on knowledge generation and idea development, paper presentations that involve visual props and illustrations, and panel discussions to trigger a constructive exchange of views.

Some of the most prominent speakers from India Design Confluence will be including, Rajesh Kutty, Lead Interior Designer, Bentley Motors . He is the Indian boy who wanted to be a driver by profession and today, designs super cool car interiors in England. Rajesh would be speaking on “Future of Luxury”.

Julian Roberts, Tutor Mixed-Media Textiles, Royal College of Art will be talking about ‘Reverse Subtraction Cutting’ The award winning fashion designer from Royal College of Art with 12 collections at London Fashion Week

Angela Guzman who is the Design Lead, Google is the famous intern who designed Apple’s original emoji set with her mentor and changed the way people communicate around the world. She will be talking about “The Intuitive Design Language: How to Design Widely Understood Interface”.

 Peter Bil’ak, Graphic and Typeface Designer : A multitalented Slovakian graphic designer who founded the Indian Type Foundry—the first company to develop and retail Unicode fonts in India. He will be covering the topics “Multilingual type design and typography” and “Design is not what you think”. 

Alain Monnens, Founder & Designer, Studio Alain Monnens will be talking about “Who am I designing for?” This Belgian industrial designer is the founder of his award-winning studio for product design, branding and photography and has worked with an impressive number of design companies in Belgium.

Carol Hanlon, CEO, Belmont Business Enterprise Centre, Australia will be talking about Fashion Designers creating a Sustainable Circular Economy . Carol is an iconic Businesswoman supporting and empowering the community of small businesses with her passion for innovations.

Irakli Rusadze, founder and creative director, Situationist will be talking about innovative patterns, forms and how to get maximum from minimum amount of materials. The inspiring 27-year-old self-taught Georgian fashion designer whose collections tell the story of the rebirth of a post-Soviet country.

Sunil Sethi, President, Fashion Design Council of India and Rajeev Sethi , Designer, Scenographer and Art Curator; recipient of Padma Bhushan  will also be present at the conference along with other speakers like JoAnna Almasude, Executive Director, The Red cART Studio, Annick Jehanne, Fashion Designer and Founder, HUBMODE, Uttam Pal Singh, Head, Discovery Kids, Sanath PC, Co-founder and VFX Supervisor, Firefly Studios, Anar Patel, Founder, Craftroots and many more.

JoAnna Almasude, Executive Director, The Red cART Studio, will be talking about The Power of Art: How to find your Artistic Voice and change the World. An internationally exhibited fine artist with over 35 years of dedicated work in expressive portrayals of human condition, environment, animals and our planet.

The event will proudly bring together national and international experts, academicians, artisans and craftspeople in the design industry to share their own journey, creative process, case studies, perspective and style of working — giving students access to fresh inspiration and diverse opinions from the stalwarts of design as mentioned above. The event is expected to be attended by more than 6000 students.

For detailed itinerary, registration and ticket information, visit

Team IDC will also be setting up information and help desks at various colleges in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar to reach out to participants and help them register.

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