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DGCA files complaints against 3 Pilots for WhatsApp messages


WhatsApp messages has landed few pilots in trouble. Just after few days wherein one of the admins of a Whats App Group was arrested for the messages being circulated which sent down chills on the spine, the DGCA has got into some action by dragging 34 pilots to the court.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has filed a police complaint against 34 pilots of Jet Airways, IndiGo, SpiceJet and GoAir for allegedly posting “obscene” messages on a WhatsApp group against its officials. 

DGCA Director General B S Bhullar said “DGCA has filed complaint (against the pilots) for making obscene remarks against DGCA officials on social media. Any action on that is for the police.” 

Though an unconditional apology has been sent from the respective airline’s top management, it is not yet known whether there will be any disciplinary action that would be taken against the erring pilots. Some of these messages were even posted on social media sites, it is believed.

“The pilots have been called in for questioning on the basis of a complaint by the DGCA. They have been called in for an inquiry,” a senior police official said adding that there were 13 pilots who have been questioned so far.

“The matter is under investigation and we are therefore unable to comment further. Jet Airways will take appropriate measures where necessary, as per the company policy and in compliance with local law,” the spokesperson of Jet Airways said. 

Air Indigo spokesperson said “We are looking into the charges and extending full cooperation to the DGCA in this matter. Basis the findings of our internal enquiry, we will take appropriate action.”

SpiceJet spokesperson said “One of our pilots had just forwarded some WhatsApp messages to a few friends and colleagues.” denying any of its pilots were in the wrongdoing. 

GoAir said only one of their pilot was named in the complaint and that the issue is closed since they tendered an unconditional apology.

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