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Monday , 22 April 2019
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‘Digital India’ changing face of Himachal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘Digital India’ is moving towards its goal with quick pace, with another state enjoying the perks of adopting digital systems.

The ‘Digital India’ programme in Himachal Pradesh is changing the face of the hill state. Starting from health care system, education, online business to the electronic Vidhan system of the state assembly has completely changed the face of the state.

The push to ‘Digital India’ campaign has yielded result in Himachal Pradesh as the government has been offering many services online. Keeping in mind the topographical factor hampering people’s work, the online services in the state are enabling the people in saving their time and money.

Himachal is also offering the digital revenue record service.Anyone in or outside Himachal can access some of the revenue records online. The Central Government has emerged as a great help to accomplish the target of digitizing revenue records in the state.

Besides this, the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission would soon offer service of online examination. The government has approved Rs. 5.24 crore for the good governance project.

The Himachal state assembly was the first in the country to go online and shun majority of paperwork during the session. The assembly has three sessions in a year and the entire functioning from submitting question to answers, everything is now taking place online.

Along with this, the government under various projects of automation has been providing scores of services. Post demonetization, the Centre promoted cashless transactions.


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