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Digvijaya removed as party in-charge of Telangana

The prominent leader of Congress, Digvijaya Singh’s prominence is getting diminished in the Congress after he was relieved from the party in-charge of overseeing the Telangana. Digvijaya Singh also held the position of general secretary in-charge of Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He is now only enthrusted with the charge of Andhra Pradesh.

Satish Jarkiholi has been appointed the AICC secretary in the new team for Telangana. His role got a major setback when he was replaced by R C Khuntia by the General Secretary, Sonia Gandhi.

“Digvijaya Singh has been relieved of the responsibilities as the general secretary incharge of Telangana,” a statement from AICC general secretary Janardan Dwivedi said.

For Goa, he was replaced by A Chella Kumar and for Karnataka, it was K C Venugopal. It is to be noted that the major reason for his ouster from the top posts includes few of the latest happenings which has affected the party, big time. Congress could not capitalise in forming the government in Goa despite emerging as the largest party though failed to get majority.

Congress fell short by 4 seats as it managed to get only 17 out of 40 seats which was 4 seats more than BJP but lost in the race since Manohar Parikkar had formed the Govt after raking in the support of individual MLAs.

Singh who is touted to be close to Congress VP Rahul Gandhi and was most vocal on his elevation has been seen as an ineffective leader since he failed to capitalise on the gains which might have put the Congress Party on a better position had he initiated the talks with the smaller regional parties to form the Government in the respective States.

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