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Disabled Veterans: Facilities provided by the U.S. government

The Veterans Mobility Safety Act recognizes women and disabled servicemen who proudly served to the country for years. The state provides some benefits to the 100 per cent disabled veterans and their dependents. Listed below is a comprehensive list of veteran benefits provided by the state.

  1. Housing

Veterans going through a total service-connected and permanent disability are granted help from the VA to build a new home, renovate to meet their needs related to disability or to buy a house. The veterans qualifying the criteria to avail the benefits may be given three grants, without the dollar amount exceeding the maximum allowance. Those who have previously received less than the current maximum allowance may be eligible to get an additional grant.

  1. Health

Veterans are assigned to priority groups while enrolling in the VA health care system. The function of the priority group is to balance the resources with the demand for enrollment of VA healthcare. In the Priority Group 1, only the veterans having 100% disability are placed without any co-payments. The package of medical benefit includes- mental health, primary care, vision care, preventive care, dental care, foreign medical care, etc.

  1. Vehicle Registration

A veteran having a permanent total or a service-connected disability qualifies to register a passenger vehicle with a special disabled veteran plate without any fee. When the plate is issued first, there’s a one-time administrative fee of $5. Regardless of a disability rating, ex-prisoners of war are also eligible to get this plate.

  1. Specially adapted housing grant

For buying, building or adapting, the VA may grant of about 50 per cent of the total cost. Let it be for an existing home or to reduce the indebtedness of a currently owned home, the veterans might get up to $64,960. In some cases, a full grant amount may be provided for the remodelling cost.

  1. Employment, Education and Training

For a smooth transition of the wounded warriors back to civilian life, the US government provides numerous services. There are case management, vocational rehabilitation and many more available under the government’s program. Veterans with service-connected disabilities are assisted to find, prepare for and keep suitable jobs. Veterans affected severely and cannot immediately work, are being offered with numerous services to improve their ability to live independently.

  1. Temporary Residence Adaptation

Temporarily residing in a home, eligible veterans & service members may receive a TRA grant. Every year, the grant amount is adjusted based on the cost of construction index. These adjustments might increase the grant amount but won’t decrease it further. For acquiring a specially adapted home, the service members and veterans may obtain a direct loan or a guaranteed loan from the VA.

  1. Taxes and Fees

Un-remarried surviving spouses or permanently and totally disabled veterans may request a property tax waiver. With evidence, an affidavit, Form 5107 must be filled every year with the local government office to issue their property tax bill. To be eligible for the tax exemption, the disabled veterans must have served in the armed forces of the United States. Not only this but the veteran must also have a certificate from its successors or the VA certifying that he/she has received or will be receiving assistance due to disability.

  1. Financial

Veterans or service members with total and permanent service-connected disability may be eligible for receiving a variety of compensation packages. One of such benefit enjoyed by them is disability compensation. This compensation is paid to veterans having disability resulted from an injury or disease irked during their military service. They may also receive compensation for post-service disabilities that arose as a result of military service circumstances. In addition to the regular disability compensation, under some circumstances, the VA might pay an added compensation known as Special Monthly Compensation.

  1. Recreation

The warriors dedicate their whole life for the safety of their country. Their life revolves around it. After coming back to civilian life, they do not have much to do. So the VA is providing free fishing and Michigan hunting licenses. All you need to avail this offer is a military identification card.

  1. Benefits for Dependents

Under the Children of Veterans Tuition Grant the children of a veteran who died on-duty or has been awarded a permanent and total disability rating by the VA, are provided undergraduate tuition assistance. It is administered by the Michigan Department of Treasury.

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