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Discover What Your Favorite Color Says About You?

Almost everyone of us has at least one favorite color, but do you know that your favorite color may tell us a lot about you?

Yes it is true, especially after the recent studies regarding the color psychology.

For most of the men, studies showed that their favourite color in the world is blue especially for clothes, while it is the black for women.

On the other hand, yellow isn’t preferred by many people, actually statistics say that only 2% like yellow.

The psychology of color:

The psychology of color is a genuine study which show us in details how our favorite colors can play a big role in our personalities and behavioral traits, and when you apply it on yourself you will realize that it’s a real thing.

Now let’s see your favorite color:

1- If Your Favorite Color Is Blue
Then you are a calm and cool person, and you are able to keep things more balanced than most.

Since blue is the color of the sky and  ocean, then it is obvious why those who love it can easily find the inner peace and tranquility in some places where others do not. People who love wearing blue are reliable and lovable.

2- If Your Favorite Color Is Red
Then you are a bold, sexually charged person, you always like to make a lasting impression.

It is really an attractive colors, and both genders are more attracted to a person wearing red color  than any other color. Who love the red color knows that it is a mark of something strong powerful inside them, and they don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.
I don’t know if you know this fact, but some studies showed that preferring the red color increases for women who have reached peak fertility in their menstrual cycle.

3- If Your Favorite Color Is Green
Then you money and security are one of your top priorities.

If you think that loving green means that you love nature, trees, flowers… then you are wrong.

According to color psychology, the green lovers desperately seek security in both their finances and relationships. They really care a lot for how others view them, so they work hard to be seen as successful, wealthy, and important persons in their society.

4- If Your Favorite Color Is Black
Then you are ranging between moody and sophisticated.

The example of those is Angelina Jolie…

Just like Angelina, those who love black tend to be complicated realists with a need for control.

They have realistic view of the world which keeps their pessimism and moodiness in check.

5- If Your Favorite Color Is Purple
Then you are a wee bit off, but it your own special way.

Those who love purple tend to favor mysticism to reality most of the time, and they always prefer to see the world through violet-colored glasses.

6- If Your Favorite Color Is Orange
Then you are a friendly and easy going person. You are probably a theater major.

If you love orange, we will know that you want to always be the center of attention, so you tend to be flamboyant in nature. Actually you are not likely to have too many serious thoughts.

 Those who adore orange are mainly friendly, but they are not as likely to marry, and their marriage will be one of light affection according to Faber Birren, who studies color.

7- If Your Favorite Color Is Pink
Then you are a little naive, sheltered, pure and have delicate sensibilities.

Loving pink do is a mark for escaping from the reality of impending adulthood. Those who love pink are childlike especially when interacting with others.

8- If Your Favorite Color Is Grey
Then you are afraid of commitment.

Grey is between black and white, and those who love grey find it hard to just commit.

According to color psychology, grey lovers are detached, emotionless, boring, and indecisive, and they don’t tend have major likes or dislikes.

9- If Your Favorite Color Is White
Then you are pure and innocent… or trying to convince themselves and others with it.

In general, the white color embraces innocence, purity and virgins. Therefore, those who love white want to convince themselves and others of their own purity which they may don’t really have.

10- If Your Favorite Color Is Brown
Then you are simple and comfortable.

Those who love brown don’t ask for changes which make complications. They just like things as they are, so they are direct, reliable and frugal.

11- If Your Favorite Color Is Yellow
Then you are a happy idealistic person who is underestimated far too often.

Among all other colors, only certain type of personalities prefer yellow. It is hard to have the yellow’s optimism when you go over the age of


Now, just guess who you are…

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