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“Distance love” Does it Work….???

imagesForty five years back from now – yes, it was 1971 (many of us were yet to born even!). A destructive, venturesome, annihilating strive was occurred – between our beloved motherland – India and one of our adjacent (but wrathful to us) countries actually. We – the brave, overwhelming, abandon, hard, dexterous, habile Indians listened the tread of victory – won the battle ultimately and rejoiced – as usually! – Most of us know this glorious, victorious history and feel pride for that as well.

We Indians are emotional people. Patriotism is one of the firmer emotions of the world. Hence, patriotism boosts us, makes us shuddered, horripilated, screwed even.  We (the Indians)very much creative and artistic by nature also. Hence, whenever we think about to compile an art form, act in a performing art, shoot a movie etc. Then our subconscious mind commands us to take influences from the particular emotion, called – patriotism. – That’s why we can behold a manifold of writs, where patriotism has been manifested; there are immeasurable numbers of movies also where patriotism has been incarnated! ‘Border’ is one of the remarkable examples of the movies of this specific category actually. This transcendent, ascendant, exalted movie was made on the base of the true story of 1971’s strive. There was an excellent, popular song in this film of Border – that is ‘Sandeshe ate hain’. – The lovelorn soldiers were singing that particular, acclaimed song actually.

Estrangement is not a lethargic circumstance at all; it is fundamental and a solider, harsh, gritty, undid, weird, phenomenal feeling indeed! It is not a dawn, it is dusk. It is venturesome, burdensome and not a fraudulent modality. It is factual. It dwells in a bust and confines a person in the prison of memories and makes him/her encompassed with the strips and fuzzes of hope of a regression and reconciliation actually. It is not impeccable but impeccible yet a sad feeling. It brews and makes people morbid, fatigued. It is absolutely impartial, impart and imply imparities and discrepancies minutely.  It represses but not abidingly. It annihilates yet it has the ability to realign a relationship also.

People owe to endure it but reluctantly. It is a refuge, not a sanctuary. It is candid, not a cobweb (though it can tantalize) or a hunch actually. But it can portend. It has a closed portal which has to be opened. It presumes to unveil the latent, absconded verities. People commonly assume that it is unsurpassable.  But, transcend is quite possible. Yet, it requires pious and bias desire. It is leaned on the assertive aspiration indeed.

100618-a-7677l-_066If you have to live alone – barring your spouse, then here are revelations for you exclusively –

This modern era is technically very advanced (as we all know). Hence you can take help from modern equipments to make an optimal ambience for both of you.

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By: Mithu Ghoshal

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