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Dive in Ganga River can make you ill

On the reply of an RTI filed to know if Ganga is hygienic, the Central Pollution Control Board said that the water of the Ganga River sideways Haridwar is not fit for even showering. It means the Ganga which is pious to remove the sin, now can make ill if you dive.

Central Pollution Control Board mentioned that water in Haridwar region nosedives nearly all strictures of wellbeing. It is said that examinations were completed at 11 sites in Uttarakhand, from Haridwar to Gangotri.

Closely 1 lakh believers rinse at the above 20 ghats of Haridwar daily, the source said.

Central Pollution Control Board’s senior scientist, RM Bhardwaj said that four key pointers of stream water superiority were engaged into account while examinations. The water showed the excess level of dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, and coliform.

When the biological oxygen demand level should be less than 3 mg per litre for showering drives, the Ganga water has level-up to 6.4 mg per litre. It is more than double of prescribed level by Central Pollution Control Board.

Such reply of Central Pollution Control Board will definitely push to think if someone wants to bathe in Ganga Giver for eliminating sins.

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