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Diversity Key to Unlocking Value in the Community

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – 8 January 2018 – NS BlueScope Malaysia has increased its efforts to forge a sustainable future through community engagement and diversity. Recognising that a fully engaged community is an essential component of sustainability to unlocking further economic value.  NS BlueScope has continued to implement changes which have started to see positive results.  This is in-line with the Malaysian government’s recent efforts to create a business-friendly ecosystem which takes into consideration, “People, Planet and Profit” as the country moves closer to becoming a high income develop nation.  

Given the rising challenges from the increasingly competitive global marketplace, we believe that Budget 2018 will play an integral part in maintaining Malaysia’s strong levels of productivity and most importantly moving towards inclusive economic growth that incorporates the need for diversity in the workplace as a factor of success into the future. 

NS BlueScope welcomes the government’s initiative in improving the levels of diversity on boards of companies both GLC’s and GLIC’s will include up to 30% women, childcare facilities in all new office buildings and personal income tax exemption to encourage women to return to the workforce.  With 2018 named “Women Empowerment Year” it is clear that the government is serious about these policies to empower and build diversity in the workplace. 

At NS BlueScope, we know that our success comes from our people, moving sustainably into the future success will come from the diversity of our people.  In 2018, we are focused and committed to improve gender diversity in our manufacturing operations to exceed our current level of 10% female workers.  Through focused recruitment strategies and development & training initiatives our aspirations for a gender diverse workforce can be achieved in coming years.

Our vision for gender diversity has become easier following the steps taken in the latest budget, at NS BlueScope we know that diversity helps produce superior products and services for a diverse global market.  Diversity of thought is also key to ensure that we innovate and get ahead of the competition.    

Diversity needs a conducive environment to take root, with an allocation of RM2.2 Billion aimed at making available thousands of houses and units for the public in various income levels the government remains committed to the wellbeing of the people.  NS BlueScope remains committed to the supply of quality roofing materials so that the next generation of Malaysians will know homes that are safe, durable and sustainable. 

As the nation sets its sights on a new aspiration as spelled out in TN50, NS BlueScope believes that workplace diversity and inclusion is necessary to raise the quality and standards of local steel to ensure competitiveness in the current market environment.  With this approach, moving forward through continual investment in diversity, innovation and technology to develop highly skilled human capital is viewed as the best pathway to success.

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