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Divorce verdict over Skype, first-time video conference used for separation by Civil Court

You would have heard about Talaq over Whatsapp just in recent past. Technology has become a great source of communication and to prove its news from the civil court is on air. Yes, it occurred for very first time that civil court did a hearing on divorce case over the online Skype application.

Last Saturday, claimant husband came from Singapore to appear in the court but the claimant wife could not come from London. In this situation court allowed the claimant wife to appear in the court via Skype.

The twosome studied at the similar college and fell in love. On 9th May 2015, their wedding was celebrated as per the Hindu rites and very soon they shifted to Pune and employed at two dissimilar companies. After a short time, they both got the chance to work in abroad in different countries.

The husband got a job in Singapore and he went there and wife got an opportunity in London but did not go. The wife has stated in the petition that she had to remain in India, because of the marriage. Finally, they took the decision of getting separate become of difference perspectives.

On August 12, 2016, the twosome had filed separation request by joint agreement before civil judge VS Malkanpatte-Reddy.

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