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Do these to avoid pregnancy!

In today;s fast paced lifestyle, we are not too sure when are we actually ready for have a baby and when not. We have certain goals ahead su, and priorities too. Hence, in situations such as these, pregnancy can be a burden. The best thing is to be cautious when you do not want to conceive. But in case of unsafe sex, chances increase and you need quick action.


Below are certain tips that will help you with this –

1. Parsley is one of the most effective home remedies that is thought to prevent pregnancy naturally

2. Papaya helps in birth control and unwanted abortion. Consuming it right after intercourse helps to prevent pregnancy

3. Neem is a common remedy for natural birth control. It avoids unwanted pregnancy by decreasing the sperm motility and thus prevents fertilization

4. Taking asafoetida juice every month, followed by water helps prevent pregnancy and induces abortion

5. Cinnamon is not effective as other natural remedies for birth control. It works to avoid pregnancy only when taken for a long time

Above all this, one should be using condoms as well, which is the basic barrier.

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