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Monday , 25 March 2019
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Do up your terrace beautifully this Makar Sakranti suggests ways in this enthusiastic festival can be celebrated in utmost style and creativity.

New Delhi, January 12, 2015: Makar Sakranti – the festival of kites – is celebrated with much gusto and fervor all across the country on January 14 every year.  While the Makar Sakranti Puja has its own importance, the real essence of this festival lies in flying kites in myriad colours, sizes and shapes on the rooftop of one’s home.

As a major part of the day is spent outdoors, here are few tips on how one can decorate the terrace or rooftop to get into the celebratory mode.

  1.     Adorn the space with flowers & lamps: Instill the festive vibes by decorating the entire outdoor space with flowers & pretty planters. For the later evening, place petite lamps or lanterns to lighten up the space.
  1.     Beautify with Rangoli: If time and space allow, then one can also make a Rangoli of either colours or flowers and rice. Just ensure that this pretty form of decoration is made at a distance from the kite-flying crowd so that it doesn’t get spoiled.
  1.     Arrange for ample knick-knacks: Since you will be spending the entire day outdoors with family and friends, it is better to be well-stocked with food and drinks. Arrange foldable tables on the roof terrace for placing beverages, snacks, water bottles, etc.
  1.     Prepare a bonfire: Lastly, gather around a bonfire and enjoy the festive delicacies such as til laddoos, bajra rotis and undiyo. There’s no better way to conclude this festival than this!

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