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Do you watch TV while eating? Stop it right now!

Since our childhood we have been told not to watch TV while eating but never did we pay any heed to it. We just thought it to be one of those ‘bad’ habits that our mothers wanted us to get over with. However, this is true not only with kids, but also with adults. Many of us are in the habit of watching television while eating. In case you are also in the same category, you need to stop it at the earliest.

1. It is one of the key reason for obesity, as we tend to overeat

2. Our attention towards the TV distracts our body from paying attention to the “internal processing food cues” as well as the “exerting the habitual dietary restraint”

3. Studies suggest that watching TV while eating makes you spend a lesser amount of energy as compared to taking a rest

4. It blocks the feeling of satisfaction because the brain has no choice, but to focus on other things– what you’re watching while eating



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