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Doctors At AIIMS Write To PM Modi About Monkey Menace On Campus

The Doctors of AIIMS has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to “save” the doctors and students from the “menace” of monkey and stray dogs on the campus.

The doctors and students were facing problems due to the animals on the AIIMS campus,  stated a letter written to the prime minister.

Even the patients were being troubled by the monkeys, which often snatched food from them, added the letter signed by RDA president Dr Vijay Gurjar and general secretary Dr Harjeet Singh.

The letter further said there was a “continuous threat” of being bitten by the monkeys and stray dogs, as a result of which academics as well as the “psychological status” of the doctors and students were being affected.

“The AIIMS administration and we are feeling helpless and that is why we have written to you as a last hope,” it added.


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