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Sunday , 22 July 2018
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Doctors on bikes to help patients in slums

Atleast 20 doctors on bikes will be posted to help patients in slum areas where ambulances is difficult to access.

As part of the pilot project in Mumbai under the Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services (MEMS), trained medical officers will provide emergency treatment to stabilise patients in a bid to cut response time when an ambulance is called but cannot reach certain locations.

Under 108 toll-free ambulance helpline, doctors on 10 bikes will be posted in Malvani, Madanpura, Govandi, Bhandup, Mankhurd, Dharavi, Malad East, Charkop, Goregaon Film City, Khar Dhanda, Kalina and Thakur village under a programme called Motor First Respond Vehicle (MFRV).

This programme is similar to the concept of flying doctors in tribal district Nandurbar, where homeopathic doctors visit a patient’s home on bikes in hilly terrain to offer services.

When ever patient calls doctor on a bike will be sent to that area simultaneously an ambulance will be sent.

“Doctor is supposed to stabilise the patient before he can be shifted in ambulance to a nearby hospital. This is to further cut down time in the golden hour,” said Dr Amol Pandit, district manager for 108 service.

The motor bikes are fixed with a portable stretcher, delivery kit, emergency trauma kit and basic airway management kit with oxygen support.

Twenty city doctors with more than 3 years experience have been posted on bikes.

“They have been trained to manage a bike if it does not start or to carry a patient on stretcher to the ambulance with locals’ help,” Pandit added. 

Dr. Vijay Patil doctor said one of the twenty doctors trained to ride the Royal Enfield 350 CC bullets, the purpose is to reach the patient in 10-15 minutes.

“We have noticed in past that ambulance takes 40 to 50 minutes to reach due to traffic and road congestion. A bike is able to navigate easily,” Patil said.

These doctors  have been trained in handling road traffic accidents, cardiac arrest cases, deliveries, and respiratory distress .

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