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Friday , 26 April 2019
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Does the idea of being right app-eal?

In this day and age, can we do without our mobile phones? Can anyone of us say we can do without using mobile apps? Whatsapp? Facebook on the go? Probably not. The mobile app has made life simpler in many ways! 

App’s have changed our mental thoughts and physical actions, the way we live our life. We shop via apps, we date via apps, when we are happy or sad or have a reason to celebrate, we share via the facebook app, when we are angry we take to twitter. When our refrigerators are empty, there’s an app to fill up on food as well. Clothing, electronics can all be bought at the click of a button through a mobile app. Indeed, there is appiness all around us!

While these apps have made life easier in many ways, they have made us lazy and have succeeded in creating a new generation of couch poatoes! 

Pssst…………want to hear something app-ealing?

Introducing an app which will excite you and get you moving and grooving. Probably one of the few app’s which will make you get off the couch and be active. An app which will help you get fit the fun way. An app which will make you feel…..RIGHT!! 

dance right right newspatrolling dance app best app

Introducing, “Danceright”!! A first of its kind Bollywood dance app. It is designed to work with wearable fitness bands like the fitbit. With this app, you can view & dance to beautifully choreographed videos made to the latest Bollywood tunes. The app can be synced to your fitness band, and it will track your activity while dancing and reward you with points, which you can then redeem on various online shopping portals for absolutely anything!! Sounds F-app-tastic, doesn’t it?

Being fit gives a sense of happiness and when you are happy, you dance!  Yes, that’s what we are talking about. Making sure you are equipped with the right moves to make you look good and feel right


The steps are seriously simple, designed for people with two left feet. So if you consider yourself to be a “non dancer”, you have nothing to worry about, for this app is designed for you. 

Imagine being  the star at the next party you attend, when, the opening beat to London Thamukda comes on and you jump up and do the steps perfectly, or when you get your Kala Chashma on and rock the dance floor, the look on your friends faces will be priceless and you will certainly come back to thank us. 

The more you learn (dance), the more you burn (calories), the more you earn (discounts/rewards). It’s really that simple.

With Danceright, you can never go wrong. Be F-app-ulous everytime! 

So, you…yes you, sitting on the couch, what are you waiting for? Go on, download the Danceright app now and start having a fun fitness experience from the comfort of your own home. 

It’s the best app, app-tually. 😉


“DANCERIGHT”, available on Android & IOS. Download now!


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