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Donald Trump Selects Lt. Gen McMaster as National Security Adviser

USA President Donald Trump recruited Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster as his new national security adviser Mr. Trump made the statement at his Mar-a-Lago resort where he cross-examined nominees over the holiday weekend to swap Michael T. Flynn.

H.R. McMaster

Lt. Gen. McMaster is battle-tested expert of both the Persian Gulf War and the second Iraq War and he is measured one of the military’s most sovereign-minded army officers.

The selection exhilarated Democrats who appreciate Lt. Gen McMaster and conducted a behind-the-scenes movement to encourage President Donald Trump to recruit him as national security adviser.

Mr. Donald Trump told reporters that McMaster is a man of marvelous talent and tremendous experience, further he added that I watched and read a lot in past two days and He is extremely respected by everyone in the military and this is honor to have him. General McMaster was sitting next to him in the conference.

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