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Donald Trump Threatens GOP; Asks To Pass Health Care Bill

The President of United States of America Donald Trump has threatened the House of Republicans to pass the new health care bill or else their jobs were on the line in next year’s elections.

The coming Thursday with witness the high profile discussion on the health care bill which has provided coverage to some 20 million Americans.

Donald Trump

Republican Mike Conaway, R-Texas said that  if the Trump’s health care plan fails to pass the GOP test, many people might have to look for new job opportunities in 2018. Republican Walter Jones claimed that Trump seems very clear on this, GOP must pass the bill, if it does not then be ready to bear the political cost in 2018.

It is also believed that Trump administration is trying hard to persuade the Republicans as reports indicate that about 20 to 25 House Republicans are either opposed or undecided on the bill. House leaders and Trump can only afford to lose 21.

At a Republican Congressional Committee fundraiser Tuesday night, Trump said the American people had handed Republicans the House, Senate and White House with an expectation they would deliver.

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