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Donald Trump to meet Pope Francis neglecting the differences

On 24t May Bishop of Rome, Francis will receive USA President Donald Trump at the Vatican City.

During the Donald Trump’s visit to Italy, in the morning, Donald Trump’s interview with Pope Francis will arise before Donald Trump is planned to join a G7 summit conference in Sicily, Italy.

Earlier both leaders have betted out contrasting policy points and majorly the fiery conversation via the media and press when Donald Trump was campaigning last year in February to be the Republican Party’s candidate for the White House, Washington.

Donald Trump countered that for a spiritual leader to query a person’s faith is shameful.

Afterwards, Donald Trump relaxed his tone and said that pope was hoodwinked and he was not aware of the influence of the medicines coming into the USA. Also, many safety issues compelled to put a wall lengthways the southern USA boundary.
In February 2016, Pope Francis visited Mexico and on US-Mexico border, he remarked a human tragedy to forced relocation.

Pope Francis has also been the passionate follower of struggles to battle climate change and its penalties to the world’s most weak inhabitants in form of pollution, illness, conflicts and relocation.

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