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Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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Donald Trump to unveil Cuba Policy

US President Donald Trump is expected to unveil a new cuba Policy when he arrives at Miami as early as next Friday. This may not end up as a good news to Cuba as he is expected to tighten rules on trade and travel, rolling back parts of former President Barack Obama’s opening to the island.

Plans are in the works for Trump to roll out his new approach on June 16 in a speech in Miami, where he is expected to claim fulfillment of a campaign promise and justify it, at least in part, on human rights grounds. There are chances that there may be a delay just in case if the President takes longer to make a final decision.

But it is widely expected that Trump is likely to unveil a partial rather than complete rollback of Obama’s actions, which included restoration of relations and reopening of embassies after a diplomatic breakthrough in 2014 with America’s former Cold War enemy.

With the Cuba review approaching its final stages, both sides of the issue have recently stepped up lobbying to sway Trump’s decision.

Miami is home to the largest Cuban-American community.

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