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Donald Trump’s next cabinet to be worth more than 33% of all Americans

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has chosen a few of the 4000 appointments that he as the President has to make. The few appointments that he has made are Uber rich billionaires and millionaire titans of Corporate America.

Here’s a list of his super rich Cabinet appointments:

  1. Steve Mnuchin – Treasury Secretary – Net worth $46 million; Hollywood financer, former Goldman Sachs Investment banker
  2. Rex Tillerson – Secretary of State – Net worth $150 million; CEO of Exxon Mobil
  3. Tom Price- Secretary of Health & Human services – Net worth $13.6 million; former surgeon
  4. Wilbur Ross- Commerce Secretary – Net worth $2.9 billion; Investment banker with an expertise in turning around sick companies
  5. Todd Ricketts- Deputy Commerce Secretary- $5.3 billion; owns the Chicago cubs baseball team, heir to his family’s discount brokerage firm
  6. Betsy DeVos – Education secretary – Net worth $5.1 billion; family owns the MLM MNC Amway corporation
  7. Elaine Chao- Transport secretary – Net worth over a $1 billion, sole heir to the Foremost group
  8. Jeff Sessions- Attorney General – Net worth $7.5 million, lawyer
  9. Linda McMahon- Small Business Administration – Net worth $500 million, built the $1 billion dollar WWE with her husband Vince, who is also a billionaire
  10. Ben Carson – Housing Secretary – Net worth $26 million; retired neurosurgeon
  11. Andrew Puzder – Labour Secretary – Net worth over $10 million ; CEO of a fast food company CKE restaurants
  12. Gary Cohn- National Economic Council Director – Net worth over $300 million ; Former President and COO of Goldman Sachs
  13. Peter Thiel – technology adviser – Net worth $2.7 billion; founder of Paypal, early investor in Facebook

The total net worth of all these individuals is a staggering $18.2 billion!! That is to say that these people are actually worth more than the bottom 33% of America. When President Trump was asked at to why he choose super rich people to lead a nation, he said that he wanted successful people who have made money for themselves and for their organizations. He wants people who can now work for the country and create jobs for them by attracting investors and encouraging young entrepreneurs.

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