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Don’t use cotton swabs/Q Tips to clean your ears

We all want to keep ourselves clean and healthy. As a regular exercise, you might also be using Q-Tips or cotton swabs to clean the inside of the ears. You might get the feeling that the ear gets clean and hygienic after doing this, but you might not know how badly it can affect your ears.


Read below to know in details:

1. A little wax is good for the ear: The wax is there for a purpose and it doesn’t all need to be removed. Having some wax lining the ear canal will help to keep dirt, dust, and bugs out the ears.

2. You might injure yourself: The skin lining the ear canal is very thin and can easily be injured just by something touching it or rubbing it the wrong way. A Q-Tip can cut the ear canal or cause a sore.

3. You might get an itchy ear: Constantly putting Q-Tips in the ears will dry the skin of the ear canal. Dry skin leads to itchy skin. 

So keep the above things in mind before you think of cleaning your ears. You might actually avoid it at all. But there are people whose ears produce more wax; for them the best way is to visit a physician at regular intervals to avoid any risks.

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