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Dozens killed in air strike on Aleppo mosque; Israel destroys missiles fired at its aircraft in Syria

In an air strike on a mosque in Aleppo, around 42 people have been reported to be killed and several injured. The air strike occurred in the western countryside of Aleppo. At the time of the air strike, the mosque was full of worshippers who had come for the evening prayers. Reports indicate that there must have been at least 300 people inside the mosque when the air raid took place. Most of those who were killed in the air strike were civilians. The authorities expect more causalities, as many people are still said to be trapped in the rubble.

Meanwhile, in another development in Syria, the Israeli anti-missile system named Arrow has been successful at destroying anti-aircraft missiles fired at its fighter jets. The Israeli fighter jets were returning from a mission in Syria, when several anti-aircraft missiles were launched at the Israeli fighter jets. However, Israel’s automated anti-missile system detected the missiles and destroyed one of them, which was posing the most serious threat. Syrian military officials said that they have destroyed two Israeli jets, but this claim was dismissed by Israeli army.

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